EPC Project General Contracting

For each customer customized processing technology and configuration scheme, to meet the needs of users for different configurations.

Field Investigation Professional Design
Civil Construction Installation and Debugging
Production Management After-Sales Service

EPC All Round Solutions

EPC project general contracting is to provide customers with a full range of solutions from production line design, civil construction to equipment installation and commissioning, production management and after-sales service. The cases are usually large-scale, long construction period, complex technology, and high requirements for the comprehensive ability of the contractor. Anhui Meilan Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been deeply rooted in the field of mine development and crushing and grinding for many years, and has extremely rich experience in EPC project general contracting. At present, it has successfully developed and operated akak1, leboudi, vaste and other large mines in Cameroon, Africa, and completed the delivery and acceptance. With mature equipment production, perfect management and high-quality after-sales service, Anhui Meilan EPC project will serve all over the world.

EPC Project Advantages

The adoption of EPC project is beneficial to give the advantages of all parties in project management.

Realize the goals of project management, and the owner can be liberated from specific affairs.

Pay attention to the factors of project to ensure that the total contract price and construction period of the EPC project.

The investment and construction period are relatively clear, which is beneficial to the cost and schedule control.

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